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Eduard Vallory

Eduard Vallory

Social analyst and change manager, Eduard is chairing the UNESCO Center of Catalonia, directing the program for education change Escola Nova 21 and promoting a university program to improve the professional development of the teachers. He was Visiting Scholar of the Department of Sociology of the New York University, after having directed the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. He is a doctor in Political Science, has a Master’s in Social Sciences, a graduate in Senior Management and a degree in Philosophy and Journalism. He was Research Fellow of the Fitzwilliam College (University of Cambridge) doing a research on education in global citizenship and the case of World Scouting, published by Palgrave MacMillan in the book World Scouting: Educating for Global Citizenship (2012).

Eduard was the Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Universities, Research and the Information Society of the Government of Catalonia. In the civil society field, he was International Commissioner for Escoltes Catalans and the Catalan Federation of Scouting and Guiding, president of the National Youth Council of Catalonia (CNJC) and president of the Josep Carol Scout Foundation. He is also Board member of the Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology and the Humanities Institute of Barcelona.

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