Sustainable Development Goals

Jun 1, 2018




Knowledge about the SDGs ( and interest in integrating their objectives into Scouting's programme.


Scouts and guides are global citizens in many ways. Yet the global dimension of scouting may be at times difficult to grasp, especially in a way that has a clear educational value. In this session we are going to introduce three global education tools developed specifically for the scouting context. Whatever your role in the scouting movement, you will walk away with a sense of not only how to “make the world a little better than you found it” but also how to turn this experience into an educational opportunity for everyone involved and understand your scout activities in the context of the global plan for a better future: the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Daniela Borontis

    Member, European Scout Education Planning Team



    I am Dana, a scout leader from a small town in Romania – very passionate about what I do and always trying to improve my methods and strategies. Also, I am one of the four members of the Executive team (we like to call ourselves Captain Planet 😉 ) in Scouts Romania, where I work

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