Social Impact

Jun 1, 2018




People with an interest in the issue of measuring Scouting's Impact both educationally (at personal level) as well as at community level.


“Creating a Better World” is something we know Scouting wants to do but does this really happen? How do you prove and show the evidence for it to both the membership, the general public, supporters and funders? We will be exploring the Social Impact that we have in on both individuals and society. We will look at the effects that our programmes and actions have in the short and long term. We will be updating you on the current work of the Region which will hopefully inspire you to take it the concept back to your NSO/NSA for consideration.

  • Jay Thompson

    Leader, European Social Impact Group

    United Kingdom


    I’m Jay and am currently the team leader for the Social Impact part of  European Region’s Education for All area of operation. The focus of  our work is to support the region in understanding its current social  impact and influence as well as developing plans for the future. I am originally from the Isle of Man and am

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